The Castle’s Angel


It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m utterly obsessed with the angel that watches over Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. In September of last year, I finally had the chance to see him in person, and I spent a good two hours gazing up so that my neck seized and ached for the remainder of the day. What really bugged me were those poles and wires that stand behind him, though I expect it’s to prevent lightening from hitting him directly, but if you google Castel Sant’Angelo’s angel, you’ll understand that all that clutter does no favors to a photo. That is why I spent a good while on Photoshop manually erasing both pole and wires :)

Behold! One of the few photos out there of this angel that doesn’t include the wires!

Anyway, I’m currently putting together a sketch of him in my Moleskine, and I rather think it’s coming along nicely!

the castle's angel

~ Lamice


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