little vinewatermark

I’m happy to announce that I’ve submitted some original pieces to CURVY, a group that promotes art and photography by women all around the world. Every year they produce a book showcasing the works of artists they’ve chosen, and I’m hoping my submissions will impress them enough to hopefully get selected. I won’t share the pieces I’ve sent just yet, but I’ll post a little something here anyway.

I tend to go through very short, but rather distinctive phases in my art. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a goldfish, so most ‘series’ don’t last beyond 3 or 4 drawings. While this means that I attempt many different techniques and styles, I can’t actually look back at my work and see solid collections, which is a bit of an issue now that I’m interested in exhibiting. Furthermore, I’ve always worked small- A5 to A4- but now big, bold pieces are becoming more appealing to me, and all these little art works seem to get lost to myself and other viewers. I guess I can always replicate them on a bigger scale, but again, goldfish attention span and all…


Suddenly, I have the urge to recreate these two pieces on A3 or even A2 pieces of paper…how grand that would be!



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