Jumping on the Moleskine band wagon

A few years ago, I used to own a tiny pocket Moleskine blank notebook which I used as a (crappy) sketch/scrap book. Recently inspired by Lamice’s growing collection of Moleskine books with beautiful drawings (because NONE of them are crap – that’s the aim!), I’ve decided to order myself a new one! This time a slightly bigger, proper sketch book with thicker paper. Haven’t received it yet but oh boy, when I do… hopefully it’ll get me drawing more these days!

A few of my old sketches

A few of my old portrait sketches and a page out of my old pocket Moleskine

~ Myra


3 thoughts on “Jumping on the Moleskine band wagon

  1. I love the whole idea of Moleskines…I just hate the paper in the sketchbooks, at least for pencil work. It’s a nice thickness, but too smooth, not toothy enough. I have to coat it with gesso to enjoy drawing on it, and then it gets too smeary and messy. I think the paper is best suited for work with ink or pen. Next I might try the watercolor sketchbook, see if that is any better for me.

    • That’s a good point, though I’ve managed some pencil sketches because I tend to do very smooth work anyway. I fell in love with it after using a gel pen on the paper…it was like butter.
      I’ve been thinking of the watercolor books also! I would love to use them for some urban sketching :D


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