Our Profile Portraits

Asides from a shared passion for art, Lamice and I have another thing in common: we’re both a little bit camera shy for publishing purposes! For this reason, (and the need to get back into painting), I decided to paint our portraits for our Etsy About page.



And now for the exciting news…

For years, Lamice and I have always wanted to do an art collaboration together. Our styles are completely different, so figuring out exactly what we should try illustrating together has been, to say the least, difficult.

…Until now.

Soon, we will be introducing our Portrait Series. And not just any boring, ol’ portraits! We will be combining our strengths: my portraiture skills + Lamice’s beautiful, elaborate decorating style. Not to give away too many spoilers (and it’s a bit of a challenge to actually describe the look we’re aiming to achieve), you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for it in the near future!

We’ve been currently preparing for the RAW Sydney ‘Mosaic’ Exhibition. If you’re in Sydney on the 28th of this month – swing by and say hi! More information here.

~ Myra


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