Etsy School Programme

Last month, I signed up for the four week Etsy School Programme with the purpose of learning how to revamp the White Bird Etsy shop. I was paired up with the lovely Vivian of This Little Rabbit. Living in separate cities, we corresponded and tackled each week’s tasks via emails.

Programme Outline

Week 1 – Meet your partner, do a shop critique and set goals
Week 2 – Photography focus
Week 3 – Getting Found: SEO, tags, titles
Week 4 – Promotion and Marketing with focus on social media

My favourite week was, I found, the most difficult of all – Week 3: Photography.

Below are the fantastic before and after shots Vivian took of her pretty wooden geometric jewellery. 


I struggled a bit…


I am still in the gradual process of revamping the entire shop from photos to SEO, so stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to browse through what we currently have at the shop. You can also find originals at our gallery.

~ Myra


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