Two weeks back from Europe, and I finally have a moment to go through my photos. As usual, I filled up 48 gigs worth of Sandisks, but I still feel like I didn’t take enough shots to truly document the experience. Not that photos will ever come close to showing what I did/saw/felt! 

IMG_8348 wm (1024x683)

IMG_8023 wm (683x1024)

IMG_7904 wm (683x1024)

We – my friend Dan and I – began the trip in Romania. We knew very little about the country, and were expecting quite the adventure. We got what we wanted, but I have to say, things went more smoothly in that country than I thought they would. Not that I’m complaining, you understand, but between the cheap yet gorgeous accommodation, the ease of travel between cities, and the fact that people generally spoke very good English… well, it was a magnificently comfortable place to be in.

IMG_8336 wm (683x1024)

IMG_7758 wm (1024x683)

Our itinerary was basically arrival at Bucharest → Brasov (with side trips to Bran Castle and Peles Caslte) → Sighisoara → Sibiu → Timisoara.

IMG_8317 wm (1024x683)

IMG_8490 wm (683x1024)

I HIGHLY recommend everyone visit Romania. It has barely any tourists, it’s cheap, and the people are helpful and friendly. Next time I pay a visit to Eastern Europe, it’s very likely I’ll make another stop in Romania to take in more of the brilliant culture and gorgeous architecture.

IMG_8253 wm (1024x683)

Enjoy the photos posted! If you’re interested in any prints, let us know :)

~ Lamice


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