‘Earth’ Series

As an Environmental Scientist, it’s ultimately my aim to bring attention to matters that concern me without resulting to sledgehammer techniques. Subsequently, I find art to be a brilliant medium for expressing myself.

Earth Series - Western Dhole

Western Dhole

The Earth Series is certainly not my first attempt at putting my thoughts on ‘paper’, so to speak, but to date it’s probably the first body of work to speak for itself. What I appreciate about it, is the fact that I was prompted to step out of my comfort zone both with my chosen materials and with my subjects. There’s a clear connection that’s established between myself and my subject after I’ve completed my research and collated my references, and I feel it long after the pieces are complete.

Earth Series - Blakiston's Fish Owl

Blakiston’s Fish Owl

Stepping back and looking at all five pieces this way, I’m surprised at the unconscious balance I see within each art work. I focused on the subject, but in the end the colours balanced out brilliantly also.

Earth Series - Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle

With regards to my materials, I do wish I had access to a ‘louder’ wood; something with more grain, or some imperfections. Ultimately however, the wood played its part, which was to lend an undeniable ‘organic’ feeling to the entire thing. Both the water paint and pencil layers were laid down with transparency in mind, so as to allow for even a minute glimpse of the wood beneath.
Finally, the subtle dashes of metallic inks brought the whole thing together… I simply enjoy the way each piece seems to glitter slightly from certain angles.

Earth Series - Red-Capped Cranes

Red-Capped Cranes

I so enjoyed the process when it came to this series, and I hope that each piece finds a home where it can ‘speak’, the way it’s intended to. They are for sale at the Platform Store along with high grade giclée prints.

~ Lamice

Earth Series - Giant Otter

Giant Otter


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