Drawing Inspiration from New Zealand

In mid January, we embarked on a mini trip to New Zealand’s South Island in order to relax, recharge, and take in the magnificent beauty of our neighbouring country.
IMG_0038wm (1280x853)
Due to the short time frame of the trip (only 7 days), we did spend more time on the road than we would have liked, but we saw some unbelievable things. With every kilometer behind us, and with every minute change in weather and altitude, whole different worlds seemed to rise around us. The urge to stop the car was almost constant…oh what I would give for the chance to explore that island on foot!
IMG_0035 wm (853x1280)
IMG_9986 wm (1280x853)

Our journey began in Christchurch, through Arthur’s pass to the west coast where we spent an evening exploring a beach empty of people and full of beautifully shaped driftwood. Highlights included lake Wanaka, surrounded with golden grassed mountains, followed by sweet Arrowtown, busy Queenstown (where we indulged in some horse riding in arguably one of the most magnificent spots in the country), sleepy Te Anau (and a beautiful experience in a dark cave with glow worms…I shall never not be in awe of nature), and understandably, Milford Sound. The drive between Te Anau and Milford Sound must be experience by everyone.

hh wm (1280x827)


That particular trip ended too quickly, but the distance between our home and our sibling Island is but a stone skip’s worth. We shall be crossing the ditch again, hopefully soon :)

IMG_0240 wm (853x1280)



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