Our favourite art media

We have both been experimenting with different forms of art media since we could remember.  In this post, we have decided to talk about our favourites…


Unlike most other materials I’ve used over the years, water paints took me the longest to get the hang on, and even now I’m not entirely comfortable with them. My issue has always been the combination of detail + impatience, and I’ve lost countless pieces over time because I didn’t give them a chance to dry before ruined them. Thankfully, I was pig-headed enough to persist, and now I have at least some experience under my belt.


My wish is to one day produce either a botanical or a natural history piece worthy of the medium. Until then, I will continue trying to perfect my technique.


The two brands I’m currently using are Windsor & Newton, and Art Spectrum, and I’m really curious about Schmincke and Daniel Smith. Do you use any of these brands? I would love to know what you’re preferred ones are :)

~ Lamice


I grew up using acrylics from learning how to create Aboriginal inspired art in primary school, to mixing it with impasto for a high school self portrait assignment. I loved the thickness of it, but I wanted to try watercolours without buying any.


I was introduced to gouache when I was doing my graphic design college course. It was the paint included in our art kits. Above is one of my first ever experiments with gouache. Alas, a thick paint with chalky texture that works well with water! I fell in love.


What I also love about gouache is that after it has dried on your palette, you can simply add water to re-use! My favourite brand of gouache is Windsor & Newton.

~ Myra


3 thoughts on “Our favourite art media

  1. Really, Lance is so right! Your bird is absolutely wonderful! Wow, I’m impressed out of my socks right now. My favorite watercolor paint is M. Graham, although I’ve never tried their gouache. I can vouch for their watercolor and acrylic. Your work is so inspirational! Really blown away right now at the delicacy, detail and personality in your work. Stunning!

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