A day in the life…

We decided to do a “day in the life” type blog post about our work process and a tour of our studios!

Lamice's studio

Lamice’s studio – inspirational knick knacks

Our work process:

1) Artwork is created.

Lamice's studio

Lamice’s studio – where the art happens

2) Artwork is scanned in and colours checked.


Lamice’s desk

3) Artwork is placed in templates for printed products (art prints, greeting cards etc) using Adobe CC software.

Myra’s desk – where the designs and post production happen

4) New products are test printed. If we are happy with the test prints, then we proceed with printing the final products.
5) Some products require a label at the back. These also need to be designed and printed.

Myra's workspace – finishing the printed products

Myra’s workspace – finishing the printed products

6) Printed products are finished (scored, folded, guillotined etc) and packaged for distribution.

Our artworks and products are available for purchase at the following places:

  • Etsy shop – original artworks, giclée prints, greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks
  • Platform72 – original artworks are available online but the following products can be found in-store: giclée prints, hand painted wooden bookmarks, art prints, greeting cards
  • Blue Thumb – original artworks
  • Art Pharmacy – original artworks
  • Society6 – art prints, throw pillows, tote bags, mugs, canvas prints
  • A range of originals are also for sale through our website on the shop page.




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