Current muse: colouring books

It’s hard to miss the current storm of popularity of adult colouring books these days; they’re everywhere!

Personally I’m not surprised, because I completely understand the benefits of spending time focused simply on colour and its application, and the effect such projects have on my stress levels. We spend so much time worrying and stressing about a multitude of factors, so switching our brain off for a few minutes is a welcome retreat.
I used to do a lot of inking back in the day, although recently I’ve focused more on soft lines and painting. A couple of weeks back I decided to create a little ink fox, and it was only after I started painting him in that I realized that he would have made a nice addition to someone’s colouring book. With that in mind, I set out to ink a few more small pieces that I plan on scanning in before I begin painting them, with the intention of maybe trying to put them together into a small booklet and see what my friends/family think of colouring them in themselves.
I’m really excited by this idea, and both Myra and I are hoping that eventually, we will have a few White Bird books printed and ready for sale. How amazing would that be?
~ Lamice

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