Pens + Inks

As the daughter of a civil engineer, I’ve grown up with a fascination for these drafting pens with the multi-coloured rings. In fact, I still own my dad’s old set, though I have never used it – I think it’s in a need for a very good clean actually, but I do intend on bringing it back to life soon.


‘Cecil’ work in progress with Rotring pen

My own set joined me very recently, long after I first began inking. Up until this point, I made do with various disposable ink pens, and I maintain that certain brands are rather brilliant, especially for travel sketching. However, utilizing different brands, even if they’re technically the same nib size, drove me to insanity. My biggest problem was the ink shade, because finding a true black is pretty difficult. That, plus the sudden inky explosions that ruined more than a few art pieces finally prompted me to invest in a vintage set of Rotring Variant pens. I fell in love right away, and I’m still in hoarding mode to ensure I have a well stocked supply at home, as well as a travel set.

A sneak peek of our colouring book postcards!

A sneak peek of our colouring book postcards!

The only thing that didn’t work for me was the Rotring ink, though I’m wondering if that’s because the set was so old, that the ink had faded…? I bought my own fountain pen ink after much research, and I can say that I have the best of all worlds at this moment.


The pens came at a very good time, as Myra and I are putting together an adult’s colouring book. We have eight pieces that will go into our first book, and I’m already sketching out ideas for the next one :)

~ Lamice


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