Makings of a Dream (Vol. 1)

The postcard packs are complete, and are now available for purchase via us directly, or through ArtShine and Etsy. We’re hoping to expand to various other places from next year including both online stores and physical shops around Sydney (and if we’re very lucky and/or proactive, around Australia!).

We spent considerable time and effort deciding on which paper to use, and we’re very happy with what we chose in the end. To test the quality of the cards, and to give a little demonstration of which media they can handle, I spent some time painting ‘Lavender Field’.

For this, I started out with washes of waterpaints, and built them up gradually. The paper, created specifically for waterpaint use, handled the washes very well and with minimal buckling.


Following the paint washes, I added detail with water-colour pencils, and then moved onto white gouache. I didn’t exactly have a plan in mind, but I very much like the idea of being able to re-paint the same item multiple times, in a variety of ways. This allows me to unleash my creative and experimental side without worrying about ‘ruining the original’.

To that end, I couldn’t help but take out one of my favourite mediums: gold ink! A tiny bit of shine goes a long way :D

I think in the near future, I might re-do this piece but go mental with the colours.

And with that in mind, both Myra and I are very much looking forwards to see what those of you whom have acquired a pack will do. Please send us photos!

~ Lamice



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