European Winter Wonderland

I have recently returned from a much needed break, which I spent freezing my toes off and wondering how anyone could survive European winters without wearing enough layers to look like the Michelin Man. I myself did look like the Michelin Man, and it still wasn’t enough to keep me warm. On the flip side, I took some damn good photos I’m so very happy with. The 24-105mm L lens I’ve been using since 2013 is now officially the one and only travel lens I bother with. I always take the 17-40mm L wide angle, and in 2014 I memorably took the incredibly heavy 70-200mm 2.8F L lens to use in Prague, but they don’t get enough usage for me to guarantee their return trips to Europe.

My friend Dan and I started the trip in Venice, where we spent two days retracing my 2013 steps and rejoicing in the fact that even though Venice will always have tourists, they’re not nearly as abundant (or as annoying) on a freezing cold winter’s morning.

Following Venice, we spent a week in Slovenia, another week in Croatia, and ten days in Turkey.

Overall, I am definitely returning to Slovenia’s Lake Bled and Croatia’s Lake Plitviče in autumn. I was blown away by these natural wonderlands, and I can only imagine how they’d look, all dressed up in autumn colours.


Slovenia (2)
Slovenia 3

Another pearl I want to see again is Dubrovnik, which I took to calling ‘The White City’. It’s magnificent beyond words, and I want nothing more than to return to the marble streets and watch people walk by.



Turkey? Oh what a country Turkey is. I don’t think it’s possible to not enjoy the heck out of it, and all the compliments in the world don’t do it justice. We spent two whole days in Pamukkale alone, and I could have easily spent two more just taking the place in, and that’s just little Pamukkale!



All in all, I abhor winter, but I was glad for the opportunity to take photos void of random tourist arms or legs sticking out from the corner of my picture :p

~ Lamice


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