Every now and then, we will post some progress shorts of what we’re currently working on, no matter the stage of completion. This time it just so happened that I finish the piece just I though of this idea, so you get a finished art work!

Basically, I’m tinkering with development of detail and contrast prior to the addition of colour, and in this case, the pre-inked piece really allows for the colours to stand out.

Material used are: Noodler’s Heart of Darkness ink (my favourite because it’s so dark!), rotring pens, Winsor and Newton paint, and my current most loved paper, Fabriano hot pressed.


The addition of the mouse is interesting – I actually have two more pieces I’m working on that are similar. There’s a bit mishmash with the addition of the biological drawing to a very stylized piece, and it intentionally doesn’t mesh 100% . I rather like it this way :)


~ Lamice


I don’t have any works in progress at the moment but below is a WIP shot and finished product of a pet portrait commission that I absolutely loved working on recently.

Done in gouache and watercolour pencils.

chicken commission

Not only was it the first chicken I’ve ever drawn in my adult life, but it also struck close to home. One of my beloved childhood pets was a chicken, named Chicken. (I wasn’t particularly creative with names when I was a child!)

~ Myra


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