What’s on the easel

Juvenile Black Redstart

I have always used waterpaint to render my biological illustrations, so this particular piece is a rather big change. After being inspired by some artists I follow on Instagram, I decided to give acrylic washes a go instead.

So far, I’m very pleased with how this Redstart is coming together. I’m being incredibly cautious and laying down quite a few more layers down than I would usually, but I don’t want my impatience to ruin it, even if it is taking ages. Something else that’s surprising is how well the 200gsm Fabriano paper is holding up with the amount of water I’m laying on it. Choosing this weight was actually a mistake – I cut some paper down to size, and just happened to grab the 200 instead of the 300. This paper is a warmer shade than the heavier grade also, which is working very well with my colour palette.

The piece is only 5×7 inches in size, and I’m forcing myself to finish it before starting any others. I think my next piece in this medium  might be larger, but I’m also hoping to finish it with less layers.

~ Lamice


Abstract art with resin

Lamice recently suggested for us to try abstract art with resin! I’ve never actually tried abstract art or worked with resin before, so I was very keen on experimenting with the two. It’s even more exciting that it is the first time Lamice and I are working collaboratively on one artwork! Below is a closeup of said piece…


It’s looking kinda random at the moment (it is our first time!), but the beauty about resin is that we will be able to add layers upon layers of mixed media that we would like to experiment with. Currently we have used a mixture of acrylics with powdered pigment and are looking forward to adding coloured nail polish next!

Lamice's individual piece

Lamice’s individual piece

We started off with painting down acrylics on canvas with a brush, followed by a layer of resin mixed with sprinkled powdered pigment. We’d like to try mixing in the pigments with the resin next time for a more solid effect. The liquid white areas consisted of watered down white acrylic paint dripped on top of the resin. We felt we didn’t quite reach what we wanted to achieve, but hey, it was super fun to have experimented with mixed media, plus we still have a few future layers to play with ;)

My individual piece, jokingly titled 'crying milk'

My individual piece, currently titled ‘crying milk’ (it will most likely change…)

~ Myra


2 thoughts on “What’s on the easel

  1. Your work, both abstract and realistic, is beautiful! I really enjoy painting and drawing birds and recently discovered acrylics. Really enjoying abstract acrylics but I’ve been tempted to try rendering a bird with it. Your painting is wonderful, and it looks so much like watercolor to me. Are you using flow release with the paint to thin it down prior to applying it? Loving what you’re doing! You definitely don’t seem to be new to abstract work either! 💜

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