What’s on the easel (May)

 Later in the year I’m hoping to take part in an exhibition that I can’t really say much about now. What I can tell you is that it’ll focus on Native Australian Birds, which is why I’ve put aside a lot of my other work and am now focusing on pieces such as this.

Scarlet Honeyeater (work in progress)

I find it really difficult to create a cohesive body of work because I get bored easily, but this time, it’s the subject that matters. What materials and sizes I use are entirely up to me.

I’m really hoping I can finish everything I’ve planned for, and I can’t wait until I can share more details about this show!

Quick pencil sketch of Bucky (Winter Soldier)

Portraits come easy to me, it’s what I’m used to. However, creating my own illustration style is much more of a challenge. Above and below are some practice drawings.


Digital self portrait using Photoshop gouache brushes downloaded from kylebrush.com

We were invited to join in this innovative project, Cardboard Art. Cardboard Art was created to raise awareness of Virtual Reality technology. Promote, market and support local and independent artists. Inspire the future of 360 content development. Below are photos of the abstract art we painted onto VR boxes.


‘Woodland Wonderland’ in progress


‘Woodland Wonderland’ by Myra. Acrylics.


‘Tempest’ by Lamice. Acrylics.

Both painted VR boxes will be available to purchase here.



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