What’s on the easel (June/July)

Although art in general is rather therapeutic for me, I’ve discovered that my semi-abstract scenic oil paintings invoke an even more appealing sense of tranquility, mainly because it’s hard to actually get them wrong.


I’ve been slowly building up a collection of these, mainly on paper and wood panels. Because of the drying time required, I always have multiple pieces at various stages of completion littered around my studio. So far four are done and going through the final drying stage, but plenty more are in various ‘ugly duckling’ stages and need additional layers. The only thing left for me to figure out is: mat or shiny varnish??


Alas, due to my upcoming exhibition and the fact that the oil pieces honestly are just me procrastinating, I’ve had to put them on hold until later on. The ugly ducklings must wait a while longer. And I really need to figure out the varnish…

~ Lamice



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