Secluded beach trip

Every year, my parents take a trip to the motherland to visit relatives. This year, I decided to tag along. After all, it’s been years since I saw mum’s side of the family.

Below are a few photos I took at a secluded beach in Bicol, Philippines.

It was a two hour drive from the house. I fell asleep most of the way and awoke to us carefully driving on a narrow road in the middle of the rainforest.


After passing tiny villages, we arrived at a small coastal town. We greeted our relatives who live there and proceeded to have lunch in the beach huts.

Mum told us that prior to the narrow road being built, the only way to get here was by boat.


After we enjoyed lunch and drinking fresh coconut juice, both adults and children alike wandered around – wading in the water, finding shells and stones, drawing in the sand.


It was a much needed relaxing day.

~ Myra


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