New Direction

If I was asked to explain the most fascinating thing about exhibiting this month, I would say the sense of community that I’ve felt ever since beginning this project early in the year. Through Angela, Camila and Chris (Eggpicnic), I have been exposed to an environment I’m not really used to, filled with creative and environmentally conscious people, all coming together to contribute a little something magical to the project. The last time I was so surrounded by like-minded people, I was still an undergrad at university, full of ideas and naive convictions. Slowly, and sadly, I become more jaded, especially as the likelihood of landing a job as an ecologist (I majored in Conservation Ecology) slowly decreased.

I began sharing my art because I felt that I had to find another avenue through which to educate and inspire, but the message got lost as my work life became ever more hectic. But, things will change. Myra and I are discussing very seriously our future and the future of White Bird, and we know that we need to take advantage of our skills to do something beyond us; something that could make a difference, if only a small amount of one. White Bird will hopefully endure long into the future, not as a business, but as a partnership with the aim of giving something back.

~ Lamice


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