Feathered Friends

Last month I took part in the Feathered Friends exhibition with Angela (Photographic Passions) and Chris, and Camila (Eggpicnic). I was very impressed and inspired by the work submitted by my fellow artists, as well as by our guest speakers.

In a world of ever increasing uncertainty with regards to our climate, our precious biodiversity, and our biological heritage, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear from incredible people out on the front lines, volunteering, learning and creating with the single purpose of making a positive difference.

I hope that for me, 2017 will be the year that sees me returning to my roots as a conservation ecologist, and I hope my new friends will continue to play a role in helping White Bird move beyond a mere art business.

For White Bird, the sky is the limit.


Opening night

Opening night

Feathered Friends – A celebration of Australian Birds

Combining 45 pieces of individual bird art, featuring Angela’s close up macro bird headshots, Eggpicnic’s uniquely graphic bold birds & Lamice’s delicate bird & feather drawings, carefully curated to inform about our wonderful Australian birdlife.

This exhibition coincides with BirdLife Australia’s National Bird Week & the Great Aussie backyard count. The aim of National bird week is to get Australian’s more involved in bird conservation. 20% of sales will be donated to BirdLife Australia.

(Source: featheredfriendsweek.com)


Guest speaker, Jessica Rooke – ‘Foraging and Habitat Ecology of the Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo’

The Feathered Friends exhibition was amazing. I am extremely proud of Lamice to have had this opportunity to collaborate with three uber talented other artists and put together an exhibition with a wonderful cause.

Angela's baby, Casper!

Angela’s baby, Casper!

I don’t know much about birds (Lamice is the bird lady!), so it was a great educational experience for me to learn about bird conservation.

Feathered Friends has left me feeling so inspired with not only putting more time into art and White Bird as a business, but also doing more to protect animals and the natural environment.

~ Myra

Guest speaker Phil Straw

Guest speaker, Phil Straw – ‘The Longest Flight’

View Angela’s photos from the show here.


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