A Return Home

After 6 years, I went back to my second home. I honestly don’t know why it took me this long to go back, and I’m going to do my best to visit again really soon. For me, it’s the friends and family that make it home.
My first destination was Iwaki, where I spent four days seeing people and walking my old routes. After that, it was the usual Tokyo -> Hakone -> Kansai.

My favourite season is autumn, though I think for the first time the tourists really got to me…I found it really difficult to stop and appreciate what I was seeing because of the constant jostling and noise and insanity…I really hope I have an easier trip next time.

Still, there’s no better time for me than autumn when it comes to visiting Japan, though spring is a close second. I took a total of 2023 photos in the span of two weeks, and it’s going to be murder going through them all, but the inspirational material will keep me going until my next trip.

Have you been to this magnificent country? If not, please go!

~ Lamice


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