As is usual with me, it took but a single piece of art by a specific artist to inspire me to such a degree that I picked up a new medium: pastels.


I  never actually considered pastels, and was too busy playing around with new and exciting things like oils, carvings and sculptures, but now I’m hooked. I’ve only just started mind you, and have but 7 or 8 pieces under my belt, but I’m picking it up quickly. That’s probably because it ties in with oils so well, especially as the subjects I’m experimenting with are very similar. The aim is to get to a point where I don’t spend hours re-doing a section of the painting, but that comes with a lot of practice.

I’m currently using Rembrandt and Art Spectrum as my main semi-soft pastels, with softer W&N every now and then. My palette is still very limited, so I’m slowly collecting the shades I need. I’ve not really experimented enough yet to be able to make any recommendations, but hopefully soon I’ll have another, more informative post for you ;)

~ Lamice


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