There’s something so exciting about taking part in an exhibition, and being surrounded by supportive people who understand. Unfortunately I can’t take part in too many because I simply don’t have the time to put together a body of works (especially since I’ve the attention span of a fish and can’t stick to a single subject or medium for long), let alone frame them and get them down to a gallery.

That being said, I was invited to take part in ArtSHINE‘s Eclectic show this March, and so far it’s been grand. Opening day was rainy and a bit cold, but we had a brilliant turnout, to the point where it was hard to move! Three of my babies sold that day, and I loved being there to thank them myself.

I don’t think I’ll be taking part in any other shows this year, but I’m glad I’m part of this one.

~ Lamice

It was a rainy Saturday, but thankfully that didn’t stop all the wonderful people who showed up to the opening! Everyone managed to cram in and listen in on Gabby Malpas introducing the 9 various artists, and she did it beautifully. You can read her speech here.
We thank Vinh from ArtSHINE for the invitation and ongoing guidance.
You can view the exhibition details here. If you can’t make it to the gallery, artworks can be bought online here!
~ Myra

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