As is usual with me, it took but a single piece of art by a specific artist to inspire me to such a degree that I picked up a new medium: pastels.

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Thinking of the Future


Lately it seems that my art has taken a big back-step, even though it has never really been at the forefront for me. Art has always been the thing I turned to once the study, or the day job, or all the other obligations were done. Regardless of this, I could usually still fit in a reasonable number of hours on it a week, and I considered myself to be rather prolific.

This year though, with the addition of a diploma and increased responsibilities at the Day Job, I feel like I’ve stalled. The saving grace is the October exhibition for Bird Life Australia and National Bird Week, which has forced me to focus. It feels good to know that all the stress and hard work will hopefully reap some reward.

This of course is only a short term fix. Following a very enlightening conversation (rant session!) with one of my best friends and fellow artist Dan, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want to keep putting my art on hold. I no longer want to keep the thing that makes me happy on ice for decades. I want to do something useful, otherwise why do anything at all?

Although I majored in Conservation Ecology, I have not been able to work in that field, even though it’s what I’m most passionate about. I think it’s time I tried a different route. It’s time I used what’s at my disposal to work towards achieving that goal, and it’s time to start doing so now.


~ Lamice