Myra’s Artventures

I thought I would collate all the art-related things I’ve done in the past few weeks. This includes the pet portrait I’m currently working on; walking from Bondi to Tamarama to see Scupture by the Sea; and experiencing the works by contemporary artist, Tatsuo Miyajima at the MCA.

Work in Progress

A friend of mine asked me to illustrate her beautiful jack russel cross terrier, Luffy. (He’s also my god-dog! lol) She wanted the portrait to have a crayon-like style, so I thought what better time to blow the dust off my oil pastels that I sadly have’t touched in years!


I went a bit crazy with the colours + doesn’t look like Luffy at all… so I will be starting again lol It was a fun experiment anyway. Next time, I’ll paint a wash of the overall shape and colours I want to use, then go over it with my oil pastels. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below!

Sculpture by the Sea

Living in Sydney most of my life, you’d think I’d have seen Sculpture by the Sea every year… This year was my very first time! Shame, I know. It’s a 2km beautiful coastal walk inbetween Bondi beach and Tamarama beach. The weather was perfect.


Koichi Ishino, Mountains Air – Circles


Louis Pratt, Chaos Theory


Zheng Yuan Lu, Chronic Series (These were my favourite!)

Tatsuo Miyajima

I just realised all the subjects of this blog post are first-timers: first time drawing a pet portrait with oil pastels, first time seeing Sculpture by the Sea, first time going to the MCA since its renovation! And I happened to go during its 25th birthday (I missed out on the cake though…)


My friend was the one who invited me to come with her to this exhibition and I decided to go without knowing what to expect. For me, it’s kind of like going to see a movie without seeing the trailers!


Arrow of Time (Unfinished Line)

“Tatsuo Miyajima is known for his sculptures and room-scale installations incorporating light and numbers… The artist’s use of numbers is a metaphor for life cycles, both individual and communal. It further reflects his engagement with eastern thought, particularly Buddhism, with its emphasis on constant change and renewal… Three guiding principals represent the foundation of Miyajima’s art, which he outlines as keep changing, connect with everything and continue forever.” (Source)

Mega Death

Mega Death

I enjoyed this exhibition not because it was visually stunning (but OK, yes, pretty lights!), but I was captivated by the concepts behind Miyajima’s art, especially the cycle of life and death and restarting.

~ Myra